Slip and falls have the potential to cause serious injuries and a host of damages. Head/brain injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, and back/spinal injuries are just some of the injuries that slip and fall accident victims sustain. And these types of accidents are quite commonplace. Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits; over 8 million people are treated in the ER each year for fall-related injuries, according to the National Flooring Safety Institute (NFSI).

When you are hurt in a slip and fall, you should know that you may be entitled to financial recovery for your losses, provided certain elements exist in your case. It is in your best interest to speak with a local slip and fall attorney in Las Vegas to review your case and determine your legal options. For a free consultation, call Becker Goodey at 702-258-1008.

Can I recover damages for my slip and fall accident injuries?

If your slip and fall accident occurred on another person’s property or a commercial property and your fall resulted from some kind of negligence on the other party’s part, then you may be entitled to recovery. Nevada laws stipulate that you can pursue compensation for your slip and fall injuries if you can prove the property owner was at fault. Slips and falls can happen anywhere, if it happens at:

  • Home – If you were injured on your own property or of your own accord, you will need to use your own insurance to pay your bills, such as your health or disability insurance.
  • Work – If your injuries occurred at work, you can turn to workers’ compensation for benefits. That will cover a portion of your wages and your medical bills.
  • Property – Lastly, if your injury occurred on someone else’s property, such as at a store, in a building, or on another’s private property, you can recover damages from that party’s liability insurer.

If the insurance company denies your claim or offers you an inadequate settlement, you can take your slip and fall case to civil court.

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