If you cannot resolve business disputes through negotiation or mediation, the disagreements may give rise to a lawsuit. The business litigation process is broad in scope and involves much more than just courtroom appearances. It encompasses investigation, discovery, thoughtful preparation, and negotiation – and it requires a resolute legal team such as at Becker Goodey to protect your best interests throughout the proceedings.

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What are some common types of business litigation?

Even with the best practices, business relationships, and operations, businesses may still face litigation. It just comes with the territory. Disputes can arise over any type of business contract, relations, or transactions, such as disputes between partners, shareholders, and employees-employers.

Litigation can also arise from business dissolutions, franchising arguments, contract discrepancies, and bad faith issues. Problems involving privacy, intellectual property, trade secrets, and cybersecurity are heated topics of debate, as well. Just about any business transaction has the potential to escalate to a lawsuit if the parties cannot sort out the dispute outside of the court system.

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