About Becker Goodey Law

Becker Goodey is a proven full service law firm whose experienced attorneys know how to win.

We produce top-notch legal work and aggressively pursue the client’s interests. Becker Goodey’s practice and experience covers a wide range of areas, including business and corporate legal services, commercial litigation, landlord/tenant law, real estate law, personal injury and medical malpractice.

The attorneys at Becker Goodey started their careers at a large well-known firm in Las Vegas, and gained invaluable skills and experience. After leaving the large firm, the attorneys at Becker Goodey strive to maintain the level of service of a large firm in a boutique firm setting in which the client’s needs takes center stage. The boutique nature of our firm also allows us to implement alternative fee arrangements that benefit the needs and goals of our clients. We assess each case and work with the client to determine the best fee arrangement, from traditional hourly arrangements to creative structures based upon shared risk and value.

Business Law

We can assist entrepreneurs and business owners with all of their business-related legal needs. Our business law attorneys can facilitate transactions at any stage of the business life cycle.

Landlord Tenant

It is not uncommon for disagreements to arise between landlords and tenants during the renting process. Parties can try to minimize landlord-tenant disputes by ensuring they are clear about the terms of the rental agreement and by keeping communication open. When you reach an impasse and cannot resolve an issue on your own, we can help.

Personal Injury

We represent clients who have been harmed by others’ negligence, carelessness, or misconduct. We take time to fully understand how an injury affected a client’s life so we can relay the damages to the insurers or courts. This means higher and fuller settlements for our clients.

Real Estate

Our real estate legal services include those involving the development, analysis, planning, funding, purchase, sale, and leasing of all types of real estate and real property. Our litigators can help with investigations, negotiations, case preparation, and filings, and provide well-prepared and determined representation in court.